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"I just wanted to thank you for putting on the 'What to expect on the set' workshop. I found it very insightful and it has cleared up a lot of questions I had about being on set. The handout is really helpful to glance back on and read through again and again. Also I really enjoyed meeting you and hearing your anecdotes; after all, you learn by doing it and listening to those gave me a little insight into the experience. So thank you."

Corrina Jane actor

"I've just come back from Rome, what an amazing experience! I was in a scene with Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams and my lines were directed to her. Ridley Scott was super nice and put us actors at ease... Looking backwards to your workshop, I have to say that it definitely helped me. I was aware of everything that was happening on set, who was who and what their job was. Although I was very nervous, I felt confident on set and relaxed take after take. Your workshop was interesting and straight to the point. You are an engaging talker and your stories are never boring and stick in your head. Your tips, very valuable."

Alex Marchi actor

"Thanks for your course at the Actors Centre yesterday. I thought it was great and very informative and what I think made the session so good was your delivery which was full of enthusiasm whilst making a connection with all of us. I note that you have a great voice which was energised all the time..."

Silas Morrison actor / voice-coach

"Being an experienced, working actor of 20 years I’ve learned a lot. Yet, sometimes when you have a tricky audition, you need some direction from someone whom you trust. Someone who can help you get a hook into the scene so you can start to fly with it, and that person is Todd Kramer. He will go through a scene with you and break it down so by the end of it, you feel confident about presenting to the casting director. Todd is my go to director when I feel I require a hand with my performance."

Rod Hunt actor / personal-trainer