Our ongoing scene-study and improv classes in London are open to what we call, drop-in.

What does that mean?

For a reduced fee, anyone who would like to come and audit/watch a class is welcome. Actors have busy and ever changing schedules and you might not know from one day to the next if you can make it to a class. You might find yourself in town with time to kill before or after a casting, you might want to just check out the class and see what it’s like or you might just be curious about acting and would like to watch before you jump into the deep end.

These classes are open to you!

Join us for warm-ups and excercises before we begin, watch performances, and listen and participate in the feedback.

This way everyone can benefit from being in a class environment and feel connected to fellow actors, even if you can’t necessarily commit in advance. It’s a great way to keep the tool sharp and audit our classes, and to spend time in a creative environment whilst in London, between jobs/castings etc.