Improv to Improve


Tap into improv to develop your performance skills and come away more thoughtful, compassionate and energized than every before. This course is good for the soul!

Improv to Improve

An Introduction to Improvisation Workshop

Learning improvisation is one of the greatest gifts an actor can give to themselves. For actors and other performers looking to develop an awareness and appreciation of improvisation to stay sharp for castings, prepare for a performance or to just be a more well-rounded actor. This course prepares one to incorporate the principle benefits of improv training into all aspects of one’s work and life!

There's No "I" in Improvisation


Learn to recognize and break bad (selfish) performance habits in this extremeley fun and engaging improvisation course.

There's No "I"

Developing Group Mind Through Improv Work

Society is too focused on the individual and this mentality can be detremental for us all.  This improv course for actors who have had some improv training, strives to help us recognize our selfish performance habits and to break through to the “ensemble mind”.

“There’s No I in Improvisation” is designed specifically to focus on the benefits of improv training in improving communication and connection in groups.

This is a very fun and fully interactive introduction to improvisational acting, where the focus is on developing the group mind and cooperative, ensemble thinking. Understanding how working together is essential to good performance… and in life!