How does it work?

  • Reserve your place online! Only 14 participants to a class.
  • You will be contacted by email.
  • Particpants receive acting scenes (two-handers) and are assigned a partner a few days before class.
  • Contact your partner and work together online (if you can manage) ahead of class.
  • You will be required to come in prepared (ideally off-book) but these are short scenes (10-15 minutes)
  • We start with warm-ups: Stretching, vocal & breathing exercises, improv games, etc. (10-20 minutes)
  • Scene partners are given 30-40 min to break-out and run their scenes together.
  • We all watch the prepared scenes as a group and give/receive feedback

(Special ticket price for drop-insBuy your DROP-IN ticket any time before class!)


How does it work?

The same but different! This online class gives students from all over the world an opportunity to engange in an acting class that is similar in many aspects to a physical one. There are even a few additional benefits!

This class gives you more flexibility as you don’t have to worry about travel and other expenses plus, here we focus a bit more on our “on-camera” technique; using the existing format of video chat that we are working with to create a similar experience one would have when shooting a scene for film or televison.

Class dates and times will be posted online in our booking system. Once you have registered for a class you will be delivered a scene (and possibly assigned a partner(s) to work with in advance).

During class we do warm ups, games, etc. and then actors perform scenes together before getting feedback. 

These are 2 hour sessions with smaller student numbers of around 6-8.